Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Benefits of the Juvenile Services Department

Formly known as the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), the Juvenile Services Department (JSD) allows representatives from law enforcement and social services to work together under one roof to provide a complete range of services at the initial stages of the youth's involvement with the Juvenile Justice system.

Arrested youth are dropped off at the center by an officer of any municipality or Miami-Dade district station. The remainder of the processing is handled by the joint agency staff, allowing the police officer to return to the street.

Improvements are realized in available patrol time and police service. Savings in manhours translates to more officers on the streets and in our neighborhoods where they are needed most. 

Through improvements in technology, the JAC automated fingerprint identification system will allow a positive identification to be accomplished on all youth brought into the facility. 

In addition, this capability will allow the comparison of the fingerprints of arrested youth to be compared against those taken from the scene of unsolved crimes, with the results of this comparison being available in minutes.

Unquestionably, this will result in the solution of more crimes. Key agencies will be working together in one facility utilizing one common database to gather information on arrested youth, reducing duplication of effort and promoting cost efficiency in the information gathering process.