Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Juvenile Services Department (JSD) / Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC)

What is the Juvenile Services Department (JSD)?
The Juvenile Services Department is a centralized processing, referral and evaluation center for all youths arrested in Miami-Dade County. While at the JSD, all youths are provided with juvenile screening and substance abuse/mental health assessment.

How do I find out if my child has been arrested?
A parent can call the JSD at 305-755-6131 to see if their child has been arrested. Information regarding juveniles is confidential and cannot be discussed over the telephone.

With proper identification, parties authorized to have access to the court file i.e., parents, guardian, child and his/her attorney, can visit the Clerk's Office located at the Juvenile Court Services to receive this information.

If my child has been arrested
Once an arrested youth has been brought to the JSD, they are detained about six to twelve hours. If the child meets the criteria to detain, he or she will be sent directly to the Detention Center at the Juvenile Court Services until a detention hearing is held within 24 hours and detention status is determined by the court.

If the criteria to detain are not met, the child will be released to the proper custodian and summonsed to appear in court in 35 days.

Finding help for my child
Parents seeking help for their child can make a referral to the Miami Bridge, Youth and Family Services Inc., First Stop for Families by calling 305-636-3526 or faxing 305-636-2521.

If you believe your child is on drugs or alcohol procedural information will be provided by calling the TASC Agency at 305-953-5132.