Harvey Ruvin - Clerk of the Courts - Miami-Dade County, Florida

Child Support & Alimony

Disbursement Process
The Child Support/Alimony Office maintains a Central Depository to receive and process payments. Payments go directly to the bank either as a direct deposit to the payee's account or into the Central Depository account (if the State Attorney was not involved with the court order). If the payee has not arranged for direct deposit, a check will be issued to the payee from the Central Depository account.

If the State Attorney was involved with the court order, a check covering all such payments received by the Central Depository is issued to the Department of Child Support Enforcement.

All checks issued by the Child Support/Alimony Office are mailed out on the second day, directly to the custodial parent if there was no involvement by the State Attorney or sent by overnight delivery to the Department of Child Support Enforcement if the State Attorney was involved. In the latter case, the Department of Child Support Enforcement then becomes responsible for sending out individual payments.